View Full Version : model yachts. Sarclet.

31-Jan-09, 19:03
My father and I used to race our yacht here in the 60's. Still have the yacht to this day, though its not seen water for many a year ! Was hand built for us in edinburgh many years ago.

Even Chance
05-Feb-09, 15:11
Come to Sarclet and sail it then!!

The season starts again on Saturday 21st February. Racing begins at 2PM sharp. We are normally there from 1PM to get set up.

Hot pies/refreshments available all afternoon, and visitors are more than welcome, as are potential crew-members/sailors.

The more, the merrier!!

06-Feb-09, 20:18
Am helping a friend build up a Sea Wolf Submarine ..... any-one want me to torpedo the winning yacht before he crosses the line lol :lol:

Even Chance
11-Feb-09, 10:22
Aye, so long as it aint mine!!!!

Is that the Robbe kit for the seawolf??

13-Feb-09, 21:00
yeah, but as i said its my mates sub :cool: