View Full Version : Royal Hotel Carvery 7.95 Deal

31-Jan-09, 12:52
We are thinking of trying the Royal Hotels Carvery tomorrow and would love to hear from anyone who has tried it and what they thought?
We've always found the Royal a hit or a miss, sometimes the food would be great then the next time it would be something to be desired!!!!NOT.
So would love to hear your opinions if you have sampled the fare at the Carvery.

03-Feb-09, 23:21
well i have also heard hit or miss there, but i worked there a number of years ago as a stand in for the head chef while he was away on holiday, did a number of functions including one for the masons in thurso i think that was 05, too long ago to remember ......lol, not been back since the change of ownership, but not heard anything that would want me to go back and try it, so i cannot really comment on what i have not tried recently, only from the past, from a long long time ago.......lol

03-Feb-09, 23:31
Personally I think the chef industry doesn't keep em long that's why it's a hit or a miss.

04-Feb-09, 18:56
Sounds a good deal for a Sunday lunch.

We were at the Royal for Christmas lunch last year, a return visit from the year before and both occasions were well worth it. Meals were nicely spread out between courses and the hot food was piping hot.

Have had a steak supper in the bar which was also very good, and not even on the menu, just asked if it was possible to have a steak and no sooner said than done.

Hotel owned by Oxford Inns on all our visits, but some of the front of house management team have changed (for the better) more recently. Always find the Royal to have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere with no reasonable request refused.