View Full Version : Dangleberries

27-Jan-09, 13:20
Dangleberries, Assembly Rooms, Wick, Saturday 7th February at 7.30pm contact Blackstairs Lounge for tickets

06-Feb-09, 14:23
Should be a good night. About time that we had some good live music up in caithness thanks to Ryan at the blackstairs. Hope he has many more bands booked to come up.

Mother Bear
06-Feb-09, 16:28
Yep, we have our tickets...looking forward to it........weather permitting!

08-Feb-09, 11:47
They were fantastic - well done to Ryan for organising the night

08-Feb-09, 12:56
Thats an awful name for a fine band http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dangleberries

09-Feb-09, 12:35
What a great night ! Heard that Ryan has Stone Roses tribute band coming up soon so that should be good night out too.:D

09-Feb-09, 13:40
Cracking night, good to see everyone in the hall giving it yahoo.

10-Feb-09, 12:56
Howcome there hasn't been a single mention about the Assembly Rooms sell out on Friday night passed for young Glenrothes band, Sergeant?

Their name doesn't begin 'The' so...by Caithness rules that should make them quite good, right? :confused

10-Feb-09, 13:26
why don't you use your initative and begin a thread about Sergeant yourself??????? I can only comment on the Saturday night Dangleberries performance as I was not present at Sergeant