View Full Version : plumber to fit a shower ?

27-Jan-09, 00:23
A while back I bought an electric shower to fit in the place of a Mira thermostatic one which I don't want as it relies on the coal heating system which is so-so at best and I don't use all the time anyway. I am quite capable of fitting the thing myself and wiring it in myself (the consumer unit is only about two metres away from where the shower will be), but I don't want to.... I don't have the necessary fittings hanging around or the copper pipe, wire etc.. It's a small job as the distances involved for water supply are negligible so I don't want to pay a fortune, but if someone can take a look and not expect to retire afterwards (lol), then I would like to get this done pretty soon.

Can anyone recommend someone who isn't going to try to nail my hat on ?