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26-Jan-09, 13:21
Im looking for a new kitchen
Looking at IKEA, B&Q, Wickes and tried looking at Howdens but as we dont have a trade account couldnt get any prices or even a rough idea of the cost, think ashley ann are going to be too expensive where else is worth a look?

26-Jan-09, 14:29
Homebase have a good range in their catalogue. One standard delivery charge no matter how many items you purchase.

The shop in Wick where the music shop used to be (Shearers?) had a kitchen showroom at one time I think.

Norscot might be worth a phone call if they do all kinds of joinery work.

Good luck

26-Jan-09, 19:03
Shearers are actually very good and have something priced to suit many pockets. Great joiners too.

26-Jan-09, 19:05
Just had a new kitchen from homebase. It was delivered 2 weeks early which was okay and i must say i am very happy with it, exactly what i wanted. :)

26-Jan-09, 19:21
Howdens do some cracking kitchens ,just get hold of a local contractor and get your price that way

Hen Broon
26-Jan-09, 19:52
Homebase are doing a friends and family weekend on 30th & 31st Jan, so if you know someone from Homebase you can get a voucher and get 20% offyour kitchen if you see any you like.:)


26-Jan-09, 20:34
Have you tried KDF in Halkirk? they are very good, i know a few people who have had kitchens from here and all have been delighted

26-Jan-09, 21:21
Its quite a large area to do but I dont need a fridge/freezer as I have a new american one and the dishwasher is in the backplace so thats not needed either!
I have my heart set on a rangemaster 110cm classic deluxe in cranberry so that will have to be fitted in!
Hubby can do most if not all the work himself.... even if he will drive me demented with the lack of progress....

27-Jan-09, 09:11
We are building a house this year and have been getting a few quotes for kitchens, we would like an american fridge and range master too, our favourite design of kitchen and at a really good price was KDF in Halkirk, they were really quick too with getting back to us with deign and quote, very helpfull.

abby 1
01-Mar-09, 17:37
try ashley ann

01-Mar-09, 18:12
Ashley Anne will work with the budget you have. The showroom in Thurso is brilliant. Give them a shot and ask for a measure and quotation. You really do get what you pay for.

12-May-09, 16:27
for anyone else out there thinking about kitchens
Dont get homebase!!!
Still waiting on bits!

03-Jun-09, 10:24
ashley ann gave me fab kitchen for cheeper than homebase!! I know i could'nt belive my luck but it's true...

03-Jun-09, 10:51
Ashley Anne will work with the budget you have. The showroom in Thurso is brilliant. Give them a shot and ask for a measure and quotation. You really do get what you pay for.

I've been waiting for months (since February in fact!) for Ashley Anne to fit an extractor fan in my kitchen. To be fair they have had problems with the supplier of the unit but they did promise, last time I called them, that they would definitely be fitting it in May. Well, here we are in June and I'm still waiting. [disgust]

It all started badly anyway because, despite numerous assurances that they would, they have never sent me written confirmation of the quote for the work. I requested it several times and still haven't had anything in writing.

And another thing, I'm always the one who has to call them to find out what's going on - they never phone me to let me know. Not very good customer service. :mad:

03-Jun-09, 12:41
I wouldn't recommend B&Q... they messed us around. Sitting in a kitchen older than me at the moment :(

04-Jun-09, 22:13
Ashley Ann i wouldnt touch them with a barge pole. The sales pitch is great BUT the after sales is RUBBISH.
you have to keep chasing them up to get the job finished, the workmen keep getting taken of the job to finish jobs, very poor planning in the office, i waited approx 5months to get my kitchen to a satisfactory standard.

05-Jun-09, 13:10
We built our house 2yrs ago and got our fab kitchen from Howdens, excellent. You just need to ask a contractor with an account if you can use there account then pay them when the bill comes. Very quick & no problems! Would highly recommend :)

05-Jun-09, 21:06
Still waiting on bits for our kitchen ordered on the 17th feb from homebase....
Now only waiting on a 1000mm base unit...had 5 delivered now .... 1st made wrong and the rest broken![disgust]
We are also short of worktop so if anyone has an offcut of rich granite 350mm or longer they are willing to let go please let us know!:D