View Full Version : Who would you recommend for supplying windows etc.?

26-Jan-09, 13:04
Anyone recently had new windows, doors etc installed? Who would you recommend and any rough ideas on price etc. Needing 9 windows and 2 doors. Is PVC better than wood? Any information welcome.

26-Jan-09, 13:22
Hi Venture

We have just had new doors and windows installed by Norscot.

They have done a great job. I believe PVC is the way to go as you can get the finish to look like wood but none of the maintenance hassles you have with real wood.

As for price, they were very reasonable for the amount of windows and doors we have. Also, the windows/doors have a 10 year guarantee with the company that produces them.

I would not hesitate to recommend them - especially the two men we had here.

Hope this helps some.

26-Jan-09, 17:12
Thanks Nibbler. I was swaying towards Norscot. I would prefer if it was someone local in case of any problems.

Bad Manners
26-Jan-09, 18:33
Ask them if everything has a 10 year guarntee.
We fell into this trap in believing that everything they supplied was guarnteed for that time. turns out the plastic is guarnteed for 10 years glass for 5 and the bits that get the most wear hinges handles and locks they only do for one. We have done research and find that this has been adopted as standard practice with many companies so when going to ask about DG ask WHAT does there guarntee actually cover.

26-Jan-09, 21:25
Thanks for that bit of advice Bad Manners. Will definitely check that out.