View Full Version : Recommendations for colour stylist

24-Jan-09, 15:51
Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in Wick or Thurso that is good at colouring your hair? I've recently had my hair done locally (normally get it done in Edinburgh) and it just wasn't what I had asked for as I like my hair to be bright blonde, although I had explained this to her.

Any recommendations appreciated

24-Jan-09, 19:10
i would reccommend blow your top in thurso, they are all very good in there. i always use amanda, they are always busy to though.

24-Jan-09, 23:05
Frances at Janettes in Cowie Lane would be my recommendation. One of the few hairdressers I have ever known who does just what you ask her to.

25-Jan-09, 12:26
Would highly recommend Cara at Blow Your Top, Thurso or Erna at Millbank Hair and Beauty.

25-Jan-09, 13:46
Iona at Highlights i previously went to another hairdressers but stopped going when she wouldnt do what i wanted her with my hair and cut it squint! iona did what i asked and was cheaper

25-Jan-09, 14:11
amanda stevens at blow you top

25-Jan-09, 16:10
If it's in wick I'd thoroughly recommend Cut Above in henrietta street.

25-Jan-09, 22:47
i would recommend nelia or erna at millbank hair and beauty the best i have ever had to do my hair

26-Jan-09, 11:20
I would highly recommend Lynn and her team at Harbour Highlights.

Not only do they do what is asked of them, but they will also advise if your hair would not be suited to what you want and why and try to work round it.

I have hair so fine it is unreal and Lynn always keeps me right and will try and do what I want although sometimes it is not always possible because my hair is soo fine.

Definately a great place to go.

26-Jan-09, 17:16
I would recommend either Louise, Amanda or Caroline in Curl Up and Dye in Wick. They give good advice on colouring.

26-Jan-09, 22:01
Jo and Erna, at Millbank Thurso, are the best in my opinion.

28-Jan-09, 14:48
Carly at Hair.com in Thurso ... highly recommend her