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Mother Bear
21-Jan-09, 19:53
Happened to be shopping in Thurso yesterday and just have to say how friendly people are there. I went into 5 different establishments, [a bank, 2 supermarkets, animal feed store, hydro shop, opticians] and it was noticable how friendly and genuine the staff were. In these times of 'doom and gloom,' it was uplifting to see people being cheerful and chatty. Also went to the swimming pool [I try and fit as much in as I can on one trip!] and was again pleased to see approx 60 other folk there, of all ages, but a very large proportion of teenagers. It was good to see it being well used....and they are talking of closing the Swimming pools up here??? What a shame that would be if it ever happens.

22-Jan-09, 23:08
you're right MB - it's a lovely place to be. It's encouraging too that many of the young people working in shops are also very friendly - which is rare in the south in my experience. Good for you for being so positive!

Surely they won't close the pools?

kitty kat
23-Jan-09, 00:23
looks like the kids will learn to swim in the sea bring on global warming for the poor s :lol: