View Full Version : last Sunday's quiz

percy toboggan
20-Jan-09, 17:43
Apologies to those who were in there.
I did try to get back in - several times but once I was 'booted' I found it impossible to do so. Not sure why? Maybe it's AOL?? anyone else have trouble?

I'm not paranoid so doubt I was excluded on porpoise.But one never knows ;)

Might try on the lap-top next time. I likes a good quiz.

20-Jan-09, 18:22
Percy the Org was off for a bit so it wasn't just you! Daviddd hosted the quiz last night - shame you could not join us! I am quizzie next week if you fancy poppin in (we won't mention the Org goin off or folk gettin dumped ;)).

percy toboggan
20-Jan-09, 18:32
Does this mean you won then?
If so, congrats.
I'll do me best to get in there next Sunday - if there's nothing else takes precedence :-)

20-Jan-09, 20:29
Percy - I've moved your thread to the Chat Room Events and Meetings forum where all the "Quiz Chat" is posted.

The Sunday night Quiz is great fun and I used to be a frequent participant - I was even daft enough to win it once!

Enjoy :)