View Full Version : Anyone Recommend A Good House Builder / tradesmen?

19-Jan-09, 13:34

Just about to send our house plans out to a load of builders in the local community.

We are about to embark on building our own timber frame house designed and supplied from Norscot in Bower.

Im just wondering if anyone can shed any light (good or bad) on our local builders. I have already heard some good and bad reports about certain builders but would like to expand on that. We will require a builder to take our plans of our house to completion. Ground works, founds, masonary, etc etc...

So would appreciate if anyone has used a local builder for this type of project and what they have to say about the service they got?

Would especially love to hear from anyone who has just recently completed their house.

Also if anyone can recommend any other trades for example plumbers, sparkies, etc etc again for a similair project, would appreciate greatly.

Thankyou all in advance.

19-Jan-09, 22:16
07900520793...................for all ur site works such as site cleared,founds,drainage,ect.

19-Jan-09, 22:46
green & camron
jocky begg

simpson & oag (highly recomended)

landscaping example gass seeding, patios, pavements and service trenches ect

barrock small plant hire (highly recomended)

19-Jan-09, 22:56
We can't recommend Green & Cameron enough, we built a house with them 2yrs ago in May and they were excellent.

Very very quick and nothing was ever too much a problem for them. They done everything for us and also organised plumbers, electrians etc so we didn't have to worry about a thing!

Good luck!

Katy x

20-Jan-09, 10:14
Norbloc Construction built my renovation. Very pleased with results-work in all weathers too.

20-Jan-09, 15:24
Sent you a pm.

20-Jan-09, 19:13
John Munro Joinery & Building Services can do all the groundworks ,founds and as the name states they cover almost everything ,joinery ,building ,plumbing and even painting

21-Jan-09, 01:39
John Munro Joinery & Building Services can do all the groundworks ,founds and as the name states they cover almost everything ,joinery ,building ,plumbing and even painting

Thanks Scorpion - You dont happen to have a number and e-mail address for John Munroe do you??

Same to David - Do you have a number and e-mail address for Norbloc construction??

Also Thanks ever so much to all the people that have PM'd so far, really appreciate the help and peoples opinions.

21-Jan-09, 08:06
Green & Cameron built our house and were very good.

21-Jan-09, 19:19
Hi Beth ,you can contact John Munro on 01847 891589 or e-mail munro.joinery@bt.internet.com

24-Jan-09, 00:30
Jenkins Contracting. Did a great job for us. Tel: 07827 015158

25-Jan-09, 17:29
Green and Cameron, without a doubt. Our house has been built really well. Very efficient and professional after-care service too.