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18-Jan-09, 02:43
At a party tonight and "Remix" were playing. what a good band, singers were great, guitars great, but grant Lyall on the drums is something else. He must be one of the greatest drummers in Britain. It was non stop music, a really good band, i would highly recommend them for any kind of function, Well done lads.

18-Jan-09, 10:50
Totally agree with you Fran........ they really make a function go with a swing with something for everyone. Some bands play a gig to a set programme but Remix seem to get the atmosphere just right and play to the company... the way it should be.

18-Jan-09, 20:24
Have also heard how good Remix are. Yes Grant certainly has got a touch for the drums, extremely talented. Love hearing him play solo when the Pipe Band are out.
Trust the birthday bash went well then?

22-Jan-09, 10:19
Anyone got their contact details? Thankyou

23-Jan-09, 01:27

there you go...........:D