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Mother Bear
14-Jan-09, 23:36
Just gave that a try tonight and it was brilliant! All the kind of exercises you would do at normal aerobics but it just seems more fun in the water! Easier in a way, but you like to think you are working harder! Nice friendly crowd and a very good teacher. Def be going back next week. Well worth the 50mile round trip! [Wed eve in Thurso, Monday eve in Wick]

15-Jan-09, 01:22
is that the Wick class you went to then? Who takes it? Is it a busy class? Can you drop in or do you have to book? Quite fancy the idea. Need to burn off the xmas fat!

Sorry should have read your post properly, it is obviously the Thurso class you went to. Same questions apply!

Mother Bear
15-Jan-09, 13:22
Hi d.w
Yes it was Thurso we went to, not sure of the ladies name who took it tho'. I thought she may have taken the class in Wick as well but on enquiring, it is one of the Lifeguards in Wick that takes the class. We were assured that the programme is basically the same tho'. Guess there were about 20? there last night, but plenty of room of course, and you just do what you feel comfortable doing, certainly no pressure. No need to book, just turn up. If you have any health problems they prefer you to fill in a short form with details. Thurso 8-8.45pm and Wick 7.30-8.30pm. We will be going to Wick next week as it it is just slightly nearer for us.
As i said , just good fun and you don't realise you are working so hard! That's my theory anyway! Trouble with me tho', any kind of exercising make me hungry so I have to go and get some chips afterwards!!! lol