View Full Version : Advice Please

14-Jan-09, 17:43
I've bought tickets for the Pink concert in Aberdeen (in April) through a web site called "Book Me Tickets" and now I'm panicking a bit. Has anyone ever heard of or used them to get tickets from?

14-Jan-09, 17:51
I've personally not used them but to be honest there are just heaps of ticket booking agencies, they seem to be just one of the norm! When did you book your tickets? They usually post them out as soon as they are printed, most of mine arrive a good few weeks prior to the gig. I wouldn't worry about it. :D

14-Jan-09, 17:54
Jeeze, 95 a ticket!! Is that the going rate for a gig these days?

14-Jan-09, 20:08
It depends on when the tickets are released to the vendor. I've been to gigs where i've not gotten them through the door til less than a week before the show.

I think so long as you have some kind of reference number for your booking you should be fine.