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The Pepsi Challenge
14-Jan-09, 02:36
... is a genius. A true original, a rare talent, and a kind old mannie, too. Enjoy.


14-Jan-09, 12:42
Indeed he is, even in his old years, he seems like a cool guy. Designed a great guitar as well :)

14-Jan-09, 13:25
Recorded it a few months ago and Im impressed by how he was always keen to try out new ideas, especially with overdubbing.

14-Jan-09, 14:46
Cheers for that boygee!

He did come up with a nice geetar and is a great player himself, but his work developing new ways of using tape recorders was much more important to music in general. He received the first recorder taken out of germany in 1946 and basically invented the notion of multiple tracks, synching more than one recorder, flanging and tape echos and he discovered proximity effect. He also released the first overdubbed recording which was basically him playing with himself (fnar fnar).

Jesus im turning into wikipedia.