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criss x
11-Jan-09, 19:34
Does anyone use these to read books, also would you recommend them or not Thanks

11-Jan-09, 23:58
Does anyone use these to read books, also would you recommend them or not Thanks
I do read ebooks,in great quantities. I don't use one of these and I wouldn't recommend them :)

I use a secondhand Palm Tungsten T which you should be able to pick up on eBay for next to nothing these days. I have loads of software for reading ebooks and hundreds of thousands of ebooks. I also have software (which is generally free) for coverting into a format for reading on the palm. If you need help with these things, just ask and I'll be happy to help.

I have used various different devices over the years to read hundreds of ebooks and thus far the Palm Tungsten is the nicest of the lot. I always had a craving for the Tungsten TX (last time I looked) which is snazzier but there is nothing wrong with my TT so I'm happy.

Thing with many of the devices is that they have lithium batteries that are integral. When they drun out of power you need to charge them, ideally using a mains adaptor, you can't just pop in a couple of AAA's. So I keep a old monochrome Sony Clie which takes AAA batteries for a backup when I know I'm going to be travelling for a long time. The old Palm IIIe or IIIxe would do just as well though.

I would strongly advise against buying a bespoke e-reader device unless you get one for next to nothing. The manufacturers of these things rely for their sales on lack of knowledge on the part of prospective buyers of the alternatives available. My reason isn't simply that a PDA such as a Palm can do so much more, it's that it will probably do the job of being a e-reader better than the dedicated device and it will almosty certainly cost less, be less restrictive in the supply of books and software, probably smaller and overall much better value for money.

Considerations to my mind, in order are: cost, size, battery life in use and battery type, legibility, book file format, reliability

Just my two pence worth, hope this helps :)

12-Jan-09, 11:20
I used to use my dell axim pda to read e-books until it started playing up! I am back onto paper books again. I wouldnt advise getting a dedicated electronic ebook reader either, A decent PDA or Palm will do the job and give you more flexibillty and choice.

12-Jan-09, 23:35
Just what has already been said really. I have used a Dell Axim for 8 years now and have loads of ebooks. I find it really useful for when I want to read in bed and not disturb the other half. It also means I don't have to put a light on to go to backroom and wake him that way, I use it like a torch! It's really great if you are going away somewhere becuase you can take as many books to read as you want, a library in your bag! My Dell is in a sorry way now, worn out quite a bit and the buttons are a bit loose so it skips pages and things which can be annoying and the power goes off frequenly for no reason too, but it has been in constant use for 8 years.