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08-Jan-09, 09:57
Sorry for the title folks, but was all I could think of!! (Could have been worse and been Knutter :lol:.)

Anyway, to e point. My little girl absolutely loves Ooh and Aah off Playhouse Disney. They are two monkeys and we have been looking for hand puppets or toys of them but they dont seem to exist.

I am not sure if it is possible, but wondered if anyone on e org would know someone who can knit two monkeys if we supply pictures of them and all necessary materials.

Their time would also be recompensed as I do know that knitting does take a bit of time. Have knitted in the past but not up to knitting anything without a pattern.

If anyone can do this, or knows someone please feel free to reply or PM me.


12-Jan-09, 12:02
This is the pattern for the Johny Vegas monkey -could be adapted fairly easily.


12-Jan-09, 16:42
Many thanks for that EMM.

Had a quick look and it doesn't look too scary (that is just the pattern :lol:).

Will see how it goes and may well try it myself. Nice short rows which is fine for knitting when e little aine is up and on e go.

Thanks again :)

Birdie Wife
05-Feb-09, 16:01
It's often easier to freestyle crochet than knitting. I might know someone who could do this if you decide you don't want to knit them yourself ;)