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07-Jan-09, 17:17
Has anyone else found O2 to be down around 3.30 these past 2 days? If so, does anyone know why? I don't know if it has been off before then as i only went to use it when WHS came out and realised then.

07-Jan-09, 17:21
Its been on and off in Wick during most of today

07-Jan-09, 18:56
not noticed any problems in halkirk with O2, just the occasional low reception when at home

peedie man
07-Jan-09, 19:01
02 are working on the tower at the harbour this past 3 days

07-Jan-09, 19:10
My network service has been intermittent. At least now I know it's not just me.

07-Jan-09, 20:53
mine was off for a while yeserday x

07-Jan-09, 21:02
I would never have noticed cos i never get anybody texting me! :lol: If i do get one its usually a service message or my mum! lol!

And i dont get brill signal here!! :roll:

07-Jan-09, 21:28
well, tomorrow in daylight, I must look at the harbour. In fact if it is off around 3.30 tomorrow I will visit the harbour to ask how long the interference will continue for. Nicely, of course!

08-Jan-09, 14:00
I havnt had a signal all day today and neither has the wife

Wonder how long it will be for

08-Jan-09, 17:26
Well as per the last 3 days I lost my signal again around 3.30 for approx 1/2 an hour!
Did visit the harbour but found no one working on any tower. Curiosity is killing me.

08-Jan-09, 17:29
Yeah im 02 and mine has been playin up all day 2day and yesterday?? And my freeview as well Grrrr!

08-Jan-09, 17:30
Just seems to affect me from 3.30 to 4pm..... ish!

08-Jan-09, 19:35
Well my phone reception was fine by 3.30 got loads of messages then! Even although they had been sent at lunch time!

My freeview still off right enough :(