View Full Version : Disco/ DJ for Hire??

The macs
07-Jan-09, 14:34
Hi was wondering if anyone knows the number for a mobile disco / DJ.
Need one for a party next month.
Thanks very much :lol:

07-Jan-09, 14:55
Found an ad for Dynamic Sounds Disco which states the following:

Contact David or Graham on 01847 895244 or 07703 330718
or visit the website

www.dynamicsoundsdisco.co.uk (http://www.dynamicsoundsdisco.co.uk/)

The macs
07-Jan-09, 15:07
Thanks for that, will try them :grin:

07-Jan-09, 15:09
contact Matthew or Chris at

or phone Matthew at 01955605920

great discos at a reasonable price!

Dynamic Sounds
08-Jan-09, 17:47
Hi there The Macs. I have sent you a PM