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06-Jan-09, 19:17
hi my washing machine is not spinning has anyone any idea what it could be.

06-Jan-09, 19:20
Hi it could be the belt or the starter motor/brushes

06-Jan-09, 19:20
I'd vote for the belt first.

06-Jan-09, 21:59
and i reckon the brushes too

06-Jan-09, 22:10
think simple - is the filter needing cleaned?

06-Jan-09, 23:01
i have cleaned filter so its not it.

07-Jan-09, 00:38
It sounds like you need new brushes in the motor.

07-Jan-09, 01:33
take the brushes out,turn them around and put them back in.we did this and the machine went for another year before we really did have to replace the brushes.try it and see.if that doesnt work its the belt[lol]

07-Jan-09, 08:35
thanks for all the replys its a tricity bendix are brushes hard to replace.

07-Jan-09, 08:44
Would almost guarantee its the bushes if it works normally on cycle. The bushes are relatively easy to replace and are located on either side of the motor body and will probably have a bayonet type fixing with a wire attached to both. Isolate the power before you remove them!

07-Jan-09, 11:09
Hi there .If the machine will go through the washing cycle ,but will not spin .Its one of two things .1) it a programme fault or... 2) its the capacitor thats gone . I could go in the technical stuff ,but there are a few things you can do to find out which one it is ...

07-Jan-09, 13:22
I put it on today and it did spin so god know why sometimes it wont spin.

17-Jan-09, 10:29
hi i have changed brushes cleaned filter and its still not spinning washes fine but when it comes to last spin it wont.