View Full Version : Cheap prescription glasses.

01-Feb-06, 22:40
If you have your prescription you can order glasses on line at:


Your prescription should be less than 2 years old.
Prices start at 15 for a pair plus 2.50 p+p.

They do sunglasses, polarised, semi-rimless, rimless, memory metal and safety glasses and usually turn a pair around in a week.

Have had a few pairs from them and the service has been excellent.

02-Feb-06, 13:01
Too late - went to Inverness on Monday to buy new ones at vast expense. :( Useful for next time though.

02-Feb-06, 20:38
Yup, a pair for the cost of your petrol down, what a pity.

03-Feb-06, 08:54
Very usefull site i will keep that in mind, saves a lengthly trip to Inverness.