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04-Jan-09, 19:24
Does anyone know of keep fit classes, step classes in Thurso or Wick.

kitty kat
04-Jan-09, 20:20
they do aqua aerobics in the both swimming pools worth a try i have heard it is really good

04-Jan-09, 21:23
Keep-fit in Keiss Hall on a Thursday night from 7pm to 8pm. It costs 3. Take a drink and a towel or exercise mat.

05-Jan-09, 00:03
There is keepfit classes in the assembly rooms on a mon 6-7pm, yoga/pilates type classes on a tue 6.30-7.30pm and a class for larger/older ladies on a wed 6-7pm, all the classes run by fiona harper,they are 3 and you just have to bring a mat. She also does a class with sure start which is for mums with young children (pre school age). It's on a tue morning 10-11am. This class is only 1 and thats for a creche as well, it's well worth it. Theres not many classes you get for a pound and a creche nowadays.

05-Jan-09, 09:28
they are 1 PER CHILD. I have 2 little ones and it costs me 2 to go!

I did wonder how much it would cost if I didnt take the kids though!

The class only runs school termtime only so wont start back untill next tue

05-Jan-09, 14:40
I never understand why people go to keep fit classes and often drive to get to them, between doing the housework, gardening, looking after animals etc. I reckon I do more then most people who go to these classes, I suppose the main attraction is doing it with other people making it more of a social event.

05-Jan-09, 17:00
I drive to the classes as I live in Watten and the classes are in Wick!
Its just too far to push the buggy :lol: