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01-Jan-09, 22:50
We did the 5-course Hogmany dinner, and it was very good. Even all the veg in the main course were nicely spiced and delicious. The soup was delicious, nice fresh bread, excellent puddings - mmmmmm!!

The staff were very attentive and friendly too - highly recommended and on this performance on a par with La Bord de l'Eau in Wick as one of the better dining experiences in Caithness.
Have a great Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year everyone XX

02-Jan-09, 17:12
Is that in Halkirk?

06-Jan-09, 02:33
Is that in Halkirk?

Yes, it is in Halkirk.


07-Jan-09, 22:05
...and the only Ulbser Arms in the world I suggest!