View Full Version : Top Gear: three 'do' Vietnam

percy toboggan
29-Dec-08, 16:20
Oh my word!

If you missed this last night and have the merest affinity for motor-cycling or south-east Asia catch the repeat on tuesday night.

This road trip blew me away and I have suddenly started to miss my 'sickle'....despite freezing temperatures.

These three guys must have the best jobs on the planet...last night the chemistry between 'em and the humour shone through and this is one of the best things I've seen on the box for a long, long time.

Absolutely brilliant.

29-Dec-08, 16:34
I agree...it was absolutely brilliant.

I will be watching the repeat also.

They definately do have the best jobs on the planet :)

29-Dec-08, 16:48
ditto. the best programme on tv this xmas.
aint laughed so much in a long time. thought i may wet myself or go into labour at one point.
here a link to an article written by clarkson about motorbiking.


29-Dec-08, 17:31
Aye it was a brilliant watch, i am not really that into cars but i always watch Top Gear as Clarkson Hammond & May are really funny and the challenges they have to do are always highly entertaining, the comedy element of last nights show was superb.

Kevin Milkins
29-Dec-08, 17:39
Top gear has always been one of those programmes that I watch if nowt else on.:confused

Every time I watch it though I really enjoy it so will look foward to Tuesday episode.:Razz

29-Dec-08, 18:28
Shame on you kevin ;) Its one programme I never miss,love it!x

29-Dec-08, 18:43
Top Gear is always recorded on Sky+ incase I miss something whilst laughing. Last nights show was brilliant. I was expecting a lot less but the team delivered a very different view of Vietnam(even Clarkson asking what noise his meal used to make). Will try to watch it again over the next few days.

29-Dec-08, 19:15
Best programme on telly, I even watch the repeats on Dave. My son is Top Gear mad too, has all the DVD's and books. The three presenters personalities compliment each other, each a foil for the other two also. Last night's show one of the best and Vietnam was stunning-I'm glad the Viet's managed to kick Uncle Sam's butt or the place would be covered in MuckDonalds, et al. Long may the Top Gear fun continue.

29-Dec-08, 19:43
Just as well I didn't rely on the timings in the Radio Times/Sky for this - turned out to be on for an hour and fifteen minutes and not the hour as advertised.

While it had it's moments I thought it was a let down really. Not sure why, but the 'formula' of Clarkson taking the piss out of Hammond taking the piss out of May taking the piss out of Clarkson has worn a bit thin for me now. No doubt it is all set up and the film crew have reels of out takes.

I am looking forward to the new series of James and Oz (Clark) on their alcoholic tour of the UK (the France and California programmes were a hoot - no doubt as set up as the TG shows) as Clarke tries to educate May...

From the California series - where May decides they need a suitable mode of transport and arranges a Winnebago...but calls it the Wine-e-bago.

Bad Manners
29-Dec-08, 19:52
It get my vote the threesome work well together and the people and scenery in Vietnam was brilliant Ckarkson made a valid point most people think Vietnam was a war they forget it is a country

29-Dec-08, 20:44
It was great.

29-Dec-08, 21:15
Absolutely love the programme but last night was one of the best ever! Haven't laughed so much in ages!

percy toboggan
30-Dec-08, 20:56
Mad Pict: this is only the third or fourth show I've seen with all three of them on it so I've not got sick of the banter yet. I understand what you mean though and guess it could grate after a while.

For now I'm just enjoying and the Vietnamese prog is taping as I type.

30-Dec-08, 21:04

Seems like they too have been affected bythe economic changes. They will be reducing the money available for the shows. Lets hope this does not affect what I class as a brilliant programme. Loved the bike trip in Vietnam.
Very enjoyable!