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27-Dec-08, 21:56
Where is the best place to go fly fishing at this time of year and what is the best to use to catch them lol

27-Dec-08, 23:23
at this time alness a place called stonefeild you can fly fish and beat fish good price or there the one out at halkirk place called harpdale

devil's sidekick
20-Jan-09, 17:53
i didn't know you could fly fish this time of year lol

20-Jan-09, 18:40
You can fish at these venues as they are stocked with Rainbow Trout.
Give Harpsdale a look, not too far to go and the trout can be tricky in the North Pool.
Check here for info:


20-Jan-09, 18:41
i didn't know you could fly fish this time of year lol

you can fish for rainbows all year round in stocked ponds, the fishery at harpsdale is very good :)

devil's sidekick
20-Jan-09, 20:27
i didn't even know harpsdale fisherie even exsisted and iv lived in thurso my whole life lol

21-Jan-09, 03:07
haprsdale e kiddy im going to get at tagged one yet sinking line better is time of year up to u wot fly u use :);)

22-Jan-09, 12:30
i didn't know you could fly fish this time of year lol

It's the salmon season at the minute I think it has been for a week or two now.

Trout season isn't open until the end of April i believe.

Best place to go for salmon is the train crossing in between thurso and halkirk or/and top of beat 3 near hoy pumping station. However with the floods and stuff that's been happening the shape of the river has changed and certain quiet "catch a breath" spots for the salmon have also changed.

devil's sidekick
22-Jan-09, 12:41
i must try harpsdale one of these times although i have never fly fished before but i did buy a rod from someone on here with flys ect last year. so i am going to take it up and i have read a bit and whached some on it. How much is a permit to fish the river for salmon?

17-Feb-09, 12:40
I found Harpsdale very pricey last time I was there. What's the Alness one like?

13-May-09, 12:36
I found Harpsdale very pricey last time I was there. What's the Alness one like?

What ten pound for two hours?? :confused

13-May-09, 13:20
Yeah, I would say so. If you pay 10 for the two hours and catch a fish on your first cast, which is not even that decent. Then you have to go to the north pool and catch nothing but a cold.

Also, the river is open just now isn't it?

13-May-09, 15:38
What ten pound for two hours?? :confused

I like to make a day of it when fishing. At Harpsdale at the main pool that would be 36 with a 4 fish limit, for an 8 our ticket. My dad recently treated me to a trip to Glen of Rothes fishery and their equivalent 4 fish ticket, 8.30am to dusk/10pm is 20. That's quite a difference. Harpsdale do have the other pool at 25 of course which is closer pricewise but I prefer GoR.

14-May-09, 19:21
i have done the three of them and i would say the top two for me is alness and then Glens of rothes

14-May-09, 20:58
Trout season started on the 16th of March as it has done every year since rules began,,, but and its a big butt,, some lochs have there own opening dates which could run until the end of April, so check it out with the local shops that sell permits, i,e. Hugo Ross in Wick and the other place in Thurso ,,,cant remember the name, up past Woolies ,,,oooppps no Wooolies no more.:confused