View Full Version : alloy wheel refurb

27-Dec-08, 15:29
hi there i was wanting to know if there is anyone out there that will repaint my alloy wheels or if any one has done this recently if they could let me know who did it please thanks

eric pollard
27-Dec-08, 15:56
ormlie garage in thurso they just did mine and a perfect job they were just back to brand new alan harold is the painters name and he is excellent at it

27-Dec-08, 17:17
but how much do ormile charge per wheel

eric pollard
27-Dec-08, 19:28
im not sure how much they charge as i was owed a favour and thats how i got mine done all im saying is the job is great and i would more worry what like a job they make other than the price at the end of the day they either need painted or they dont

27-Dec-08, 21:29
Spraytech is who you need to get hold of
guys been painting for J G Sutherland in Halkirk for years, lads just taken over bodyshop section in last couple of weeks, have a look in paper for his number

Amazing job, paintwork was the same quality as you'd expect on your panels :eek:

Getting another set of wheels done in next couple of weeks

28-Dec-08, 22:27
can recommend spraytech had wheels painted by painter there before made brilliant job and was very cheap.

seen his number in local paper 01847 831 478.

07-Jan-09, 22:07
J.G.Sutherland made a good job of mine - 55 per wheel (14" wheels)