View Full Version : What car?

17-Dec-08, 03:08
I have a ford focus zetec climate, 3 years old, but the new one out is smaller, i dont like it. what car would you recommend, same size as mine which is a five seater, but only need 4 seater, and big boot.????

17-Dec-08, 22:18
VW bora :Razz

id advise to keep away from all things french and fords :lol:

17-Dec-08, 23:03
Fran if your Focus is only 3 yrs old it must be the 'new' shape, dont think there is a 'newer' Focus out yet ?? Sure it's not a Fiesta you've seen :)

By the way if you dont fancy any of the newer Fords I'd recommend a Kia cee'd or procee'd :-)

18-Dec-08, 11:33
if ur looking for a good car go for the saab and ul have every thing power cmfort and economy