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16-Dec-08, 21:18
Anybody out there able to help a damsel in distress?

The timing belt on my car went, I got it fixed, but then some valve went & puntured the engine (I think?!), and now I'm told I need a new engine, does anyone know where I can get one/who can fit it for me?

Or should I just get a new car?


16-Dec-08, 22:05
I can't recommend anyone specifically without checking with them first, however the repair is going to be expensive from the sounds of it.

You'll need to weigh up the cost of getting a replacement engine, then having it fitted against the cost of getting a new car. Engines can come from many sources (new, reconditioned, used, scrap dealer etc) with varying degrees of likelihood of them being ok and various prices depnding on the source and amount of guarantee you may get with the engine.

It also kind of depends on how new your car is, what make and model (which will determine how expensive a replacement engine is likely to be) and whether the rest of it is in excellent condition (tyres, bodywork, interior, etc etc) or not. A repair to your current car is going to cost in the hundreds of pounds from the sounds of it. If it would be worth a couple of thousand pounds when it has a sound engine then it's probably worth fixing, if not then you are best to get more detailed advice.

Basically, what make and model of car is it ? how old ? engine size ? approx value if it had a working engine ? With this information most folks here should be able to give you some sound advice.
Good luck getting it sorted out!

22-Dec-08, 01:22
Hi Freckles what make and year is your car,and what size of engine,it could just be the camshaft followers