View Full Version : Highland seal hospital and the BDMLR

11-Dec-08, 16:30
Hi folks after having a chat with Heather who helps run the Highland seal hospital we decided that there should be something on here to let folks know that it is operating and also give you some info on what to do if you need to contact them,BDMLR are run entirely on donations and provide trained medics for all marine mammals when they are needed.Anyway here is a link to the official website and all contact details are on there so if you spot a seal in trouble or any other marine mammal you will know who to contact! Here is the link to the website http://www.bdmlr.org.uk/pages/main.html have a look and find out all about the work they do! x

11-Dec-08, 22:10
Thanks for that Thumper, there is also a local news page for Caithness which gives details of rescues carried out in the area......


There is also a link to the national site from here....

12-Dec-08, 14:44
Forgot to put a direct link to the hospitals blog so here it is,well worth a look at! http://highlandsealhospital.blogspot.com/ it is on the main page of the BDMLR website but I have given a link to it just incase you missed it! x

13-Dec-08, 12:35
Thanks for the links, delighted to hear the hospital is up and running.
Hope you don't get too many patients.