View Full Version : photo editor

28-Jan-06, 16:09
My microsoft photo editor is not working when I click on it it comes up in task bar but doesn't open and no error message does anyone have any ideas??

28-Jan-06, 16:20
Have you tried installing it again and rebooting your puter?

28-Jan-06, 17:22
I assume it is on the word 2000 disc??? I am computer illiterate!!!

28-Jan-06, 18:12
It's certainly part of Office if that's what you have. I just checked on the MS Newsgroups, which is so helpful with any MS software problems.

28-Jan-06, 18:21
It sounds like it's opening up, but minimised (i.e. shunk down and only appearing the taskbar).

What happens if you right-click on it while it's on the taskbar and choose either "restore" or "maximise"?

28-Jan-06, 18:53
nothing it just stays there which is strange cos it always worked ok before. It doesnt say anything it just opens in the taskbar and stays there??

28-Jan-06, 18:55
oh!!!! I just clicked minimize then restore and it opened!! very strange.....