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07-Dec-08, 20:31
I have a problem with my Panasonic DVD Recorder and I found this solution on another website. Is there anyone in Wick able to perform this repair on my machine I wonder? It all seems as if it would be easy for someone competent with a soldering iron...

"In 99% of cases this is caused by a faulty regulator on the main power board.

The power board is located on the right hand side of the unit. The regulator is IC001 which is mounted on a thin metal strip which acts as a totally inadequate heatsink. This means that this component constantly works at temperatures beyond its tolerance.

Because of this it usually lasts a couple of years and then starts causing problems. The Self Checking syndrome is typical. If the regulator burns out completely, it can take other components with it, blow fuses and scorch the circuit board.

If you are competent in using a soldering iron with care, order an STRG 6353 regulator. These can be obtained online from a number of suppliers.

Disconnect your DMR E55 from the power source and remove the lid. Next, remove the fixing screws from the circuit board on the right where the regulator is located. Carefully remove the multi connector on the left side of the board. Remove the screw above the power connector on the rear of the unit. The power board can now be removed from the cabinet.

Using a small pair of wire cutters, clip all five pins from the old regulator as close the the top of the board as possible. Undo the screw securing it to the heatsink and remove the old regulator which can now be thrown away.

Next, using your soldering iron, remove what's left of the pins from the printed board and with desoldering braid, clear the holes ready to accept your new regulator. Be careful because if you over heat the print it can lift away from the board.

Use a little heatsink compound on the back of your new regulator, poke the pins through the circuit board and then secure it to the heatsink. I usually fit an extra heatsink on these units which helps to reduce heat and prolong the life of the new component.

Next, resolder the 5 pins on the print side of the board. Use a magnifying glass and make sure you haven't missed anything or bridged connections in error and caused short circuits.

Now put the board back. This can be a little tricky but it's easy enough if you take care. Refit all the screws and carefully reconnect the multi connector.

If you have followed this correctly, switch the unit back on, pop in a DVD and give it a try. Unless you are very unlucky, Your DMR E55 will no longer repeatedly self check and will operate correctly.

Whilst it saddens me to hear that some of you guys would toss your DMR E55s into the trash can for such an easily repairable problem, please do not attempt this unless you are confident in your own ability.

If anyone tells you the laser is shot or the drive needs replacing, take absolutely no notice of them because they don't know what they are talking about. The above solution WILL fix your machine if you follow the instructions correctly.

Finally, do check that the fan operates but remember it is temperature controlled and will not activate until it is needed. Do not assume it is faulty because you do not see it working straight away. I have repaired lots of DMR E55s and I have never found a single fan or fan control circuit to be faulty."

07-Dec-08, 22:22
Not being funny but it would probably be cheaper to just go out and get a new dvd player!

07-Dec-08, 23:05
I was thinking the same but if you do go through with it the best of luck to you.

08-Dec-08, 16:07
Ordinarily, I'd agree with you both but there's some stuff on the hard drive I'd like to recover if at all possible.

08-Dec-08, 21:21
Depending on the format of the hard drive and the data it may be possible to recover the contents by hooking it up to a PC system...

09-Dec-08, 21:57
pop over to thurso and get alicam to look at it, he's very good and wont chargwe you a fortune then give you your machine back in same or worse state as so often happens

10-Dec-08, 20:36
Thanks WhatFor. Is alicam the handle of someone on this forum or a shop name?

10-Dec-08, 23:50
Alacam is an electrical shop in Thurso - click here (http://www.caithness-business.co.uk/business.php?id=1027) for details.

11-Dec-08, 21:16
Thanks Bobinovich. That's three suggestions/offers I've had including yours. Don't know what I'll do yet exactly but it's gonna have to wait until after I move house. Cheers.