View Full Version : Aberdeen restaurants?

07-Dec-08, 20:05
We've just booked a weekend in Aberdeen.
Can anyone recommend somewhere for an evening meal? We like most sorts of food, but especially seafood.

07-Dec-08, 23:04
Not sure about a seafood resteraunt but a really nice place to eat is the mexican resteraunt at cadonas oh my how good it is to eat in there. well worth a look.

08-Dec-08, 08:21
The Silver Darlings in Aberdeen is really nice, its a seafood restaurant

08-Dec-08, 08:25
If you have some money to burn and fish is what you like I would recommend Silver Darling Resturant.
We've only been the once but food was amazing and the view was great as well.

08-Dec-08, 14:07
Thanks for that, all of you. I'll bear both in mind. This weekend is our Christmas treat to ourselves, and so we may just splash out on the Silver Darling. We're there for three nights and so we might have a Mexican, too.

squashed frog
08-Dec-08, 18:12
We really enjoyed this place


Crown terrace

19.80 a head and you can pick as many meals as you like

Only problem is that you will end up eating wayyyyyy too much and not be fit to go out afterwards

08-Dec-08, 21:36
If I arrived right now I think it would be La Lombarda first, so so good.

Shelley Leigh's Restaurant
79, Charlotte St, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire AB25 1LY
Tel: 01224 636572

La Bamba
23, Crown Terrace,
AB11 6HD
Tel: 01224 590088

Italian (and really really good steak)
La Lombarda
2, King St, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire AB24 5AX
Tel: 01224 640916

08-Dec-08, 23:31
Jimmy Chung,s Chinese Buffet
Union St Aberdeen.Excellent food for£11.99 all you can eat Buffet.

09-Dec-08, 11:59
Hi - I found this website which looks quite good. There are links to all types of eating out.


I've heard Bistro Verde in the Green is good for fish and Cafe 52 across the road is a nice little quirky place (but not seafood based).

Have a braw weekend. I wish I was coming too...

09-Dec-08, 14:28
I would highly recommend Christos. It's a greek restaurant with tasty food at a reasonable rate. The best thing about it though is the atmosphere. Towards the end of the night, they turned the lights down low and the music up and made everyone stand on their chairs and clap while the staff danced. They encouraged my friend (who's 30th birthday we were celebrating) to dance on the table ... which she promptly did after a complimentary shot of ouzo. I have never had so much fun in a restaurant ever and would strongly urge you to give it a go. Here's the website if you're interested:-


09-Dec-08, 14:32
Jimmy Chung,s Chinese Buffet
Union St Aberdeen.Excellent food for£11.99 all you can eat Buffet.

Oh i love jimmy chungs they grab your empty plate away before the fork hits the plate, brilliant.

09-Dec-08, 14:35
Thanks, everybody. That certainly gives us plenty choice. Maybe we should go for a week instead of a weekend, to give us a chance to try them all!

09-Dec-08, 21:52
the cowboy restarunt (sp) is very good, massive amount of food served up

16-Dec-08, 12:02
If Italian food is your thing, currently the best Italian in Aberdeen is Luigi's in the Holiday inn in Westhill. A bit far out of town (5 Miles) but if you're driving, well worth the journey.

Perfect if you are looking for a quiet meal in classy surroundings, with excellent attentive service, and the food is exquisite. Plenty of seafood to choose from too.

For an added bonus, you don't have to walk up Union St. at a weekend which can be a bit.... erm..... "Boisterous", especially at this time of year.

16-Dec-08, 15:41
hi there
if it is fish/seafood that you are after then the best place to go is the Creel inn in stonehaven - about 20 minutes out of Aberdeen but well worth it
enjoy your weekend