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06-Dec-08, 19:26
Does anyone know whether there is someone that will take people (i.e. me) on to Stroma?

06-Dec-08, 19:31
get in touch with Mr simpson at burnside upper gills he owns stroma

06-Dec-08, 19:34
Great - thanks. I'm up from Aberdeen on Tuesday so will contact him then.

06-Dec-08, 19:35
his grandson just got a jetski he could zip you over for a small fee ha ha :Razz:Razz:Razz

06-Dec-08, 19:44
Jimmy Simpson Lives at "Burnside" Canisbay and you will get his Phone Number in Directory Enquiries. Or you can contact his Son William Simpson "Burnside" Canisbay as well.

06-Dec-08, 19:46
Sent you a pm with contact info.

06-Dec-08, 20:02
I'm from "that 'ert" and have often organised trips to Stroma with friends and work mates over the years. Jimmy is a lovely man, and thoroughly enjoys a wee sing song on the island with his "boxie" and friends at the "main house" !!

I'd MORE than recommend a trip to "The Island In The Stream" !!! Now it's William who takes you over to the island and he is very accomodating about times. Myself, personally, I go over now for the sheer fact that you can guarantee getting beautiful mushrooms to pick all over the island, but obviously you have to time the time of year right - end September roughly.

Oh, must tell you about the time that we were coming back on the boat and William stopped it in mid-stream for the pure fact of watching porpoises along side - MAGNIFICENT !!

Fantastic sight into an old time island with free reign to travel where you want to go!!