View Full Version : Car alarm fitting?

05-Dec-08, 11:54
My car insurance co. are insisting that I get my car alarmed - but where to get it done up here? I can't see anywhere in Caithness, or even Inverness, when Googling.

05-Dec-08, 20:24
Try enquiring at Overloch car shop in Wick. If they don`t do installation they may know who does. I know Martin in a wizard with Clifford alarms, as we had one which drove us crazy until he fixed it.

09-Dec-08, 21:59
most good garage can do it, good alarms come with a instruction manuel, its just case of how good fitters install stuff as you'll prob never know, more to the point, a car alarm needed caithness?

10-Dec-08, 21:58
As I say, I need an alarm 'cos the ins co asked for it - until I do I'm not insured for theft. Not a big issue in Caithness maybe but more in Inverness or further south where I've got to go occasionally.

10-Dec-08, 23:49
If it`s for insurance it will probably have to be a qualified installer.This crowd travel all over Scotland.Only thing you might have to travel yourself.