View Full Version : Another windows xp question

27-Jan-06, 23:52
I was wondering if anyone could advise me?
On windows xp you have "My pictures" where you can download photos from your camera to.

I have always done this, then put them onto a CDR.
To do this I normally would click on a file in My pictures, Then go to the file and folder tasks options, where I would click on Write these files to CD.

This option of Write these files to CD, has disappeared from the file and folder tasks.
Does anyone know why? or how I can copy photos to CD?

Hope I have explained this properly.

Many Thanks Kas.

28-Jan-06, 01:04
Typical after trying to work the problem out for 2 days, then putting it up here. I found the problem and managed to sort it, now I have to work out how it happened.