View Full Version : looking for a patrick eggle berlin pro

05-Aug-03, 14:56
anyone in caithness have one of these

looking for a year 92 model preferably with trem but would consider hard tail version,
would swap for a 100 watt line 6 spider 2x12 with stage board included


05-Aug-03, 19:19
dont know anyone with a patrick eggle.Have you tried ESP's (not ltd!)theyre great i've got a george lynch kamikaze n eds ace!

05-Aug-03, 22:33
yeah i played a couple of esp's when i was down in london, tend to stay away from super strat guitars now though just gotten so used to prs or patrick eggles

05-Aug-03, 22:35
oops forgot to sign me mate out

ill prolly be playing up in thurso at some point building up a rep in inverness at the moment some of the guitarists here are amazing like