View Full Version : mod chipped consoles

29-Nov-08, 21:12
is ther anyone in Caithness who can fit mod chip into the wii or xbox 360

29-Nov-08, 21:21
Or who can chip a PS2

30-Nov-08, 15:28
I can do them but it can be quite costly if the mod chip is faulty and can make the machines none workable. Whos money out of the their pocket for the replacement does it come from and thats why i wont do them.

30-Nov-08, 18:05
Better watch that Sony and Microsoft arent reading this or the Org will be in big big trouble!!!:roll:

30-Dec-08, 23:29
There is plenty of info on the WWW to do them yourself. it's not rocket science. Sounds hard and scary to do but read the correct info and you'll manage it yourself

Try and get a plugin chip rather than the solder on 1's..........

And forgive me if it's all changed in the last 6 months, been a while since i checked the latest info

Also don't forget that if your chipping a console that goes online, then you may well get caught !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MS are not stupid