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28-Nov-08, 15:57
No I dont have a fascination with dead people,thats just way too sick.
The gist is you make up a band with dead people.
Who would be in it?

For me:

Drums-Keith Moon
Bass-Phil Lynott
Guitar-Jimi Hendrix
Guitar-Rory Gallagher
Vocals-Bon scott.
What a band that would be, their name would be "The Hotrod 5" cool or what[lol]

29-Nov-08, 15:58
Jeff Buckley - Vocals
Rick Danko - Fiddle
John Denver - Acoustic Guitar
Freddie Mercury - Piano
James Brown - Tambourine
George Harrison - Sitar
Jimmy Shand - Accordian
Any Spinal Tap drummer - Drums
White Stripes Bassist - Bass

Name - " Hotrods a Square" [lol]

29-Nov-08, 18:02
Vocals - Layne Staley
Lead Guitar - Dimebag
Bass Guitar - John Entwistle
Drums - John Bonham
Rhythm Guitar - Richie Edwards (officially presumed dead as of last week)

29-Nov-08, 19:10
Rhythm Guitar - Richie Edwards (officially presumed dead as of last week)

It's been a long time since he went missing.

Mystical Potato Head
29-Nov-08, 23:00
Drums -Cozy Powell
Bass -John Entwistle
Guitar-Rory Gallagher
Guitar-Stevie Ray Vaugan
Vocals-Ronnie Van Zant

30-Nov-08, 03:04
Drums-Randy Castillo
Guitar-Mick Ronson
Bass-Jaco Pastorious
Vox-Maurice Chevalier