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footie chick
27-Nov-08, 10:18
I am wanting to get a pressure washer from xmas don't know much about them is this one any good?
http://www.idealworld.tv/Karcher_K2950_Pressure_Washer_with_Accessories_and _Bonus_Triple_Pack_of_Detergent_142839.aspx?bSell= 1001

Or what would you recommend?

27-Nov-08, 13:13
depends what jobs you have in mind for it. im not too sure on the pressure ratings of them

karcher is a good make and have had them in the past and they been great. i now have a petrol run one that is brill

footie chick
27-Nov-08, 13:23
Only really want it for cleaning cars and pathways. It's 110 bar pressure?

27-Nov-08, 13:43
I have ordered this Karcher pressure washer from Ideal World as it looks really good.

The demonstrations were quite impressive and this included cleaning cars and driveways.