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Northern Sands
26-Nov-08, 11:46
I am looking for someone to teach a 9 year old child the guitar. Any suggestions??

27-Nov-08, 00:03
I'm pretty sure that the music shop next to the Comm in Thurso has an advert in the door for guitar lessons. Not sure who takes them though, but maybe worth a try.

27-Nov-08, 00:45
I am looking for someone to teach a 9 year old child the guitar. Any suggestions??

Well if your handle is anywhere near i think it is, theres an old timer up the end of your road that plays a bit and not mean with his knowledge of the pickin arts, and i believe his young padawan can bend a cord or two, so the skys the limits out there in the sticks.:confused


Northern Sands
27-Nov-08, 09:29
He has been the last two months at the shop next to the comm and unless you are a budding Eric Clapton he is not interested!! Definately wouldnt recommend for a 9 year old beginner! [evil]

27-Nov-08, 14:01
Addie Harper does lessons from his house in Tower Square, Ackergill, he is excellent and very patient.

Not sure of his number off hand but, I think it is in the phone book.

27-Nov-08, 16:04
i m agree with you on this. Addie harper is really good at this.:Razz

lynne duncan
29-Nov-08, 14:28
my lad is going to addie and would thoroughly recommend him

30-Nov-08, 18:10
I never had any lessons, I taught myself. The best way I found to play when learning was only to play songs that you know well and like.
There are lots of tab sites around that also have chord diagrams.I am well into Oasis so learned there tunes first. If its a song you know well then you are halfway there because you will WANT to learn it as opposed to learning "3 blind mice" etc![lol]
Thats just my theory but I know alot of people do that.

02-Dec-08, 13:38
You could also try John Newton in Thurso.