View Full Version : who can tile for me?

25-Nov-08, 12:53
can you recommend a tiler to lay a kitchen floor? thanks.

25-Nov-08, 15:03
why dont you do it yourself, instead of looking at it as a task make it fun,

measure the length of the room and make a mark in the middle then the width of the room and make a mark, you should now have a plus sign in the middle of the room. place a tile in each space of the plus sign and off you go from there, its good fun, enjoy it

14-Dec-08, 20:37
Try Joe Munro, Caithness Fireplaces. I've always had him and he does an excellent job. I think tiling needs quite a bit of skill and the one and only time I tried, it was a disaster and resulted in a poor quality finish that annoyed me every time I was in the kitchen! Joe Munro has all the right gear and a cutter that looks as if it's slicing bits of cardboard. He had the job done quickly and was also able to advise on colours of grout - I had no idea you could even have a variety of colours!
Every man/woman to their trade as they say. Good luck if you do take it on yourself!

29-Dec-08, 10:41
Why not give SSK tiling in Wick a shout, Carol did my bathroom & Kitchen there in the summer for a very reasonable price. She wont leave until you are completely happy with her work- you cant ask for better service tbh.

01955 602905 is her number- hope this helps

31-Dec-08, 01:49
Tiling is something that can look awful if not done properly.
Experience is the key.

27-Jan-09, 20:30
can you recommend a tiler to lay a kitchen floor? thanks.

Try John Munro Joinery & Building on 07785726506 or 01847 891589, they do all sorts of tiling, natural stone, ceramic, hope this helps,