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22-Nov-08, 15:45
We need to get our oil combi-boiler serviced - does anyone have any recommendations?

We are in Thurso

22-Nov-08, 17:13
Forss Engineering or Simpson & Oag, both in 'phone book. Have used both and been happy wi service etc. :)

23-Nov-08, 10:28
Thanks for that Anne.

Billy Boy
23-Nov-08, 12:32
If i was you i would think twice about getting simpson&oag, they twice failed to turn up to service mine [disgust]

23-Nov-08, 14:04
same here billy boy, i wouldnt use them again either, i have had nothing but problems with there service.[evil]

23-Nov-08, 16:11
Alistair with Richard Irvine is very thorough. Turns up at the appointed time is always tidy and cleans up after himself.

23-Nov-08, 22:06
G & A Barnie do oil boiler servicing


26-Nov-08, 14:12
Thank you for your help guys - we are expecting Forss Engineering on Friday.

29-Nov-08, 09:33
Thank you for your help guys - we are expecting Forss Engineering on Friday.

will send you a pm. ;)

29-Nov-08, 15:18
I just called forss engineering this morning to look at my boiler and they were in the town at a job so came round within the hour. Brilliant service from them, Keep up the good work.

29-Nov-08, 16:14
Ha ha Unicorn! he was obviously at you when we phoned him back today!!

Came yesterday and did the service, this morning noticed a smell of oil in the garage, phoned him and he said he was in town and would be at us by 2.30pm.

Was here when he said he would be and found the problem very quickly - nothing caused by them I must say.

Excellent service - would definitely use them again. Thanks for the recommendations.

01-Dec-08, 18:05
Well had the guys in today from Forss Engineering with the parts to repair my boiler and service it and they done a fantastic job. They went the extra mile and were incredibly good priced, pleasant surprise for me.
Absolutely recommend them they even tidy up after themselves :lol:

04-Dec-08, 05:32
We have always had a good service from Jim Sangster from halkirk.

06-Dec-08, 22:43
I had problems with my central heating this week - one of the coldest weeks for a long time. I called Simpson and Oag at lunchtime and left a message on their machine. Ronald was out within the hour and by tea time we had heat again. I was delighted with their service and wouldn't hesitate to call them again he certainly helped us out.

08-Dec-08, 21:44
Forss Engineering without doubt. They even turned out on Christmas Eve for me many years ago. Excellent service and extremely pleasant guys!

09-Dec-08, 21:55
I had simpsons and oag over other day and they were over other day and very good, cleaned up mess after wards which cant be said for lst plumbers who fitted boiler and caused all the problems