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Mother Bear
21-Nov-08, 08:18
I know you can buy this special liquid for removing sticky stuff where labels have been, [so annoying!] but before I next go into town, does anyone have any alternative solutions? There must be 'an old wifey's' method that was used before modern chemicals??? Its actually sticky stuff from parcel tape that I want to remove from pine.

21-Nov-08, 11:15
I use Pledge, works a treat. ;)

21-Nov-08, 14:49
rub some vegetable oil over the label and leave it for a while to soak in,then the label should just slide off along with any sticky residue :) x

21-Nov-08, 15:03
Lighter fuel also does the same job, I have used sticky stuff remover and it's very good, I found some online here (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/STICKY-STUFF-REMOVER-250ML-THE-ORIGINAL-TYPE-BY-MYKAL_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trkparmsZ66Q3a2Q7c65Q3a15 Q7c39Q3a2Q7c240Q3a1318QQ_trksidZp3286Q2ec0Q2em14QQ hashZitem160295208889QQitemZ160295208889QQptZUKQ5f HomeGardenQ5fCLVQ5fCleaningQ5fCAQQsalenotsupported )

Mother Bear
21-Nov-08, 19:22
Thanks peeps for those suggestions......plenty to be going on with.

29-Nov-08, 10:46
You may have this sorted by now but I have used nail varnish remover or
surgical spirit - but take care on what surface you use it on because it can react with plastics. I also use baby wet wipes and they work a treat! hope you have got your self out of a sticky situation!! lol


29-Nov-08, 11:34
Hi guys would any of these be any good for removing the sticky back from a border?
Decorating and when border was removed left a glue type sticky stuff and near impossible to come off.

29-Nov-08, 11:53
Hi there Biker5 is the sticky left on a painted wall? if so I would try the wet wipes - it is amazing what they do - they have removed biro/felt pen stains from any surface and are great at removing sticky stuff from everything I have ever tried. Good luck if I think of anything else I will let you know. Cheers

29-Nov-08, 14:39
Hi goldie.
yeah its on a painted wall.
Will try wet wipes and see how it goes.
thanks for that

29-Nov-08, 17:16
Hi again Biker5 the only other thing I can think of is warm soapy water and a lot of elbow grease - good luck