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16-Nov-08, 16:13
Hi can anyone tell me where i can get these R4 cards? Preferably with everything ready to go, its for the wee ones Xmas! How many games etc can be stored on them? Is there anyone locally, that sets them up & sells them? How much do these cards cost?
Please help! Christmas is just around the corner!!!!!

16-Nov-08, 17:59
I can't see you getting too much help with this as it's illegal, unless your pm box suddenly fills up.

You don't want R4... it's terrible. You want DSTT (http://www.ndstt.com/en/). :D
How much you can fit on there depends on how big a memory card you buy.

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16-Nov-08, 18:21
Hello There,

I seen some info about that a while ago. I have sent a PM so feel free to contact me

16-Nov-08, 20:46
Have PM'd you...

18-Nov-08, 23:39
Thanks to all that has replied!!

19-Nov-08, 00:05
is a m3 card any good??

19-Nov-08, 00:23
I worte this for someone aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago (lucky it was still in my sent box)

This is a quick guide. I'll assume you have a program to unzip/unrar files (I use WinRAR you can find a trial copy here:

First of all I get my games here:
It's important to only open games that end with the extension (U) or (E) as these are USA and ENGLISH games.
I download all my games to a folder named "DS"

For the Chip I use (DSTT) Go to:
This is the cartridge you will need (It's the same size as a DS game cart) it also has a 2 GB micro SD card which can hold upto 50games! (all dependant on the size of the game obviously) The postage is FREE so it's only costing you approx 10

Once the package arrives go to:
and you need to download the most up to date Kernrel (A kernel is an Operating System or piece of software for the DS to load the games)

The newest update is V1.11 which can be found here:

Now you have the chip and the kernel it's time to put games on it. :lol:
Inside your package you will have received a MicroSD card and a MicroSD card adapter (The adpater can be either the orange USB adapter that comes with the DSTT or the SDcard adapter that comes with the MicroSD card. I prefer the SDcard adapter as the USB adapter can be a bit fiddly but I can appreciate that not everyone has an SDslot on their PC)

Place MicroSD into card adapter of your choice
Place adapter into PC
You will porbably get a pop up saying Removable Disk (i)* The letter inside the brackets is the name of the drive
Now we format the card:
Go into "My Computer" or if you have Vista then "Computer"
Find the drive we need to format (In this case (i)
Right click the drive and select Format...
Then format the drive (Do not quick format)
Once the drive has formatted double click it
You are now looking at an empty folder
Copy your kernel into the folder (the Kernel consists of 3 files: TTMenu (file folder) TTMENU (VCD) and TTMENU.SYS (System File)
Load your folder where you save the games (in this case DS)
Copy the games you want into the (i) folder
Remove MicroSD
Place into DSTT cartridge
Place into DS
Switch on DS

Hope this helps (If you need anymore help just give me a shout)