View Full Version : Roadworks arrrrgh

24-Jan-06, 17:45
I'm having a moan becos each day im stuck at that annyoing roadworks on the lybster road. It ends up taking me 45mins to get 4rm lybster to wick becoz of them!!! how much longer are they going to be there and how many times do they have to dig up THAT road???

24-Jan-06, 18:39
What are they up to now? When I was home over Christmas it wasn't too bad as they were off on their holidays but my family live just outside Wick and they are not overly happy with things!!!!

24-Jan-06, 20:12
Why don't you take the Tannach road and go into wick from the other side, it's a bit longer but sure to be better than waiting 45 mins!

24-Jan-06, 20:47
is that the road at haster that takes you directly across to thrumster?

Alice in Blunderland
24-Jan-06, 21:32
Thats the right road I use it every day as I have to put the kids out to Thrumster every morning then come back to Wick for my work.It is quicker even if you meet a few cars on it.

24-Jan-06, 23:36
okay i will do that tomorrow thankyou :)

24-Jan-06, 23:37
The nice sign says it should all be over by the end of the month.
Methinks it tells porkies.

What puzzles me is why the convoy vehicle goes so s l o w l y.
I don't expect to be escorted through at top speed but it is embarrassing when a tortoise dashes past you moaning you're in it's way.

And why is it necessary on one stretch of workings and not the other? I never have been able to work that one out.

And why does the 30 limit run for a couple of miles for about two to three hundred yards of workings?

And why did they have to beat it up in the first place, it didn't seem to be doing any harm?