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15-Nov-08, 14:48
Hi Everyone,

I found an add in the John O Groat Journal this Friday (Bottom of page 5) for a fishing tackle sale being held this week. (Sunday - Friday 6pm-9pm) I pointed the add out to my Husband who went online and had a look at all their mail order shop (www.highlandtackle.co.uk (http://www.highlandtackle.co.uk)) and he was amazed at their prices! He couldnt believe that he had never heard about them before. So just a heads up to all the sea anglers out there, will post again after my husbands been to have a look around to let you know what like.

17-Nov-08, 13:51
Just a quick update...

I got dragged round with him last night. He got chatting to the owners for ages!! who were very helpful. He ended up ordering a new rod and reel for his own Xmas:roll: thats along with a load of other stuff that i dont even know what it is!!!

He also said the place was full of good gear at really good prices, I managed to hold him back from spending a fortune!

There was a discount bin where everything was a pound and also a raffle that can be entered after you buy something to win some free (dont know what)

Truley reccommend, but wrap up warm as it is outside in a storage garage (Which does look more like a mini shop!!) so it was absolutely freezing.

Ive got a PM asking where it was - It is right infront of Pennyland School.. As you come up castle green road from the Esso Garage, First right onto pennyland drive, then its on your left about 10 houses along, the house no is 18.