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Kevin Milkins
15-Nov-08, 13:44
I was needing some ink cartridge's for an Epsun RX500 and priced them up at Tesco as follows.

Epson own brand pack of six = 54-99 or 12-99 each.:eek:

Tesco own brand pack of five colour's 29-97 and 7-97 for the black:confuseda bit better.

I have an account with Amazon but have not bought much with them so I thought I would give them a try.

I bought some refills from a company called GFS on the late afternoon on Wednesday and they were delivered early morning on Thursday.

6 X Black ,3 X Cyan, 3 X Magenta, 3 X Yellow, 3 X Light Cyan, 3, X Light Magenta,
They cost a total of 22-99 plus 5-55 carriage Total inc vat =28-54.

If I ever run low in the future I will be using them again:Razz