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frank ward
24-Jan-06, 12:21
Frank Sinatra - when ol' blue eyes was a red
with author Martin Smith

Everyone knows the story of Frank Sinatra, voice of the 20th century, friend of the mafia... But do they? Towards the end, Sinatra did it their way, but in his best days he was an activist who campaigned against inequality and injustice, often at great risk to himself and his career.

Come along and hear the real story of the radical Frank Sinatra, with music and rare film footage.

Sorry about the late notice - Aberdeen and Edinburgh meetings have already passed, only tonight's meeting in Glasgow is still,available.....

Glasgow: Tues 24th Jan, 6pm
Borders bookshop, 98 Buchanan Street

If there is enough demand, maybe we could get Mr Smith up North for a reading??

Reviews of the book:
"The early Sinatra here is not the rat-pack slob of the stereotype, but a radical. Smith doesnt flinch from Sinatra's shift from idealist to Nixon supporter, but he maintains an intelligent sympathy for his subject." Brain Blain, Jazzwise Magazine

"Part biography, part political history of modern America, it is a compelling and illuminating account." Mark Brown, The Herald

Sinatra fans who would like to buy the book can get it from:


24-Jan-06, 14:52
Does that mean he was an associate of Jimmy Hoffa?
Weren't they both associated with the creation of Las Vegas which involved ripping off the Teamsters Union to divert money to the Mob so they could take control of the Gambling?
Money the Teamsters never saw again and got no return from.