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13-Nov-08, 22:27
OMG I had the most pleasurable experience last night, I had the good luck to sleep on a bed with a quilt like layer under the sheet, I'm informed it's called the above. What a beautiful feeling. I'd love one but was told it costs about 200:(

footie chick
13-Nov-08, 22:31
Argos have them I wouldn't be without mine. ;)


They also have a thinner one for 80.00

13-Nov-08, 22:32
noticed that Homebase had some on offer when I was in today - they were Silentnight sure they were about 120 ish

13-Nov-08, 23:06
My eldest has a memory foam mattress topper, it cost 100 for a single bed size, it really does make a difference. I paid about 65 for a king size one for me off ebay, it's not the same quality as the wee one but still good.

13-Nov-08, 23:25
The Homebase deal sounds good to me but I will still check out ebay. Do they flatten with use? and do they just go through the machine?

14-Nov-08, 14:53
If you can i would keep an eye on bid tv and price drop tv they always have them on and the silent night version. My mum got a king size one for 45 with 8.99 delivery and swears by it.

16-Nov-08, 16:53
I have a new memory foam mattress that I bought from the kiln store,its really good and only cost 249 for a kingsize one( I paid well over 300 for an ordinary silent night mattress and wasnt worth it),so if your mattress is getting a wee bit past it why not buy a new matress rather than just a topper,I love mine! :) x

20-Nov-08, 00:32
I bought mine of bid -up tv for 45 pounds put it on the bed last night its absolutily great best nights sleep I've had in age's well worth the money