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23-Jan-06, 16:43
Went to "Tempest" cafe down at Thurso harbour, lovely food, very reasonably priced and very friendly atmosphere....Highly recommend this for some grub.Also lovely and comfortable ambience.


23-Jan-06, 18:36
I agree Tempest is awesome!

30-Jan-06, 10:45
I agree too - beautiful food - nice surroundings - friendly staff - just wish it was bigger - its often packed out - highly recommend it to anyone!!

26-Feb-06, 20:38
I was there for breakfast this morning and it was brilliant..brilliant choices and good priced..I will definately be going back(soon I hope):D

M Fraser
26-Feb-06, 23:50
Sorrry but on Saturday i recommended the temmpest to 2 new comers toThurso and guess what they could not finish their breakfast i felt so embarrassed

02-Mar-06, 05:36
the peiry cafe at scrabster is very good aswel, it is inside the ferry terminal.
again not the biggest but the food is cooked fresh for each order and is very
good and very reasonably priced. go there regularly as it is hard to beat.