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09-Nov-08, 22:04
Had lovely meal here on Saturday had 2 main meals,soft drink,hot chocolate and pot of tea,lovely presented,tasted lovely,and HOME MADE chips.It cost 17 which is the normal price for a lunch.Their menu at night is a bit dearer but not any dearer compared to the local hotels and you are getting nice surrendings and its not a pub.Also have good take away menu+School lunch time specials at 1.90.
P.S.They also use local produce

09-Nov-08, 22:31
Sounds good and not too expensive.

Will give it a go this week probably, I've been wondering what it was like.

10-Nov-08, 17:08
Do you need to book a table or can you just go in?

11-Nov-08, 10:18
u can just go in

15-Nov-08, 20:04
Went in 2day for lunch with a pal very disappointed. First impressions lovely place menu was fine and prices were average. Loads of staff. Still took them 15mins 2 take our order and it was by no means busy. Our drinks came i had ordered hot chocolate which was 2 and i got a half a cup full and it was cold took it back and the lady i got was not impressed that i dared 2 take it back! Then we waited another 20 mins for our food. The food was edible but nowt special at all!

Would not class it as a resteraunt but a cafe and persoanlly i'll b stickin 2 the Harbour Cafe which is fab everytime i go not a hit or a miss!

16-Nov-08, 00:25
Where is it??

16-Nov-08, 04:54
Where is it??
where harbour cafe or caledonian restuarant

16-Nov-08, 13:24
The caledonian :D

16-Nov-08, 17:15
It is where R S Waters used to be.It's good to see initiative and it looks good so here's wishing them every success.

17-Nov-08, 15:09
Went for lunch today it was fab. To tell the truth don't know why the place has had such a lot of bad criticism on Caithness.org.The food was excellent, homemade & local may i add.The Staff were very polite and friendly.The prices were very reasonable and i for one will certainly be back. Well done caledonia!!!!